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"Never bring a twig to a missile fight." Being a fan of sci-fi in most mediums, I thought I would have seen everything by now. But Combat Jacks proved me wrong. It had all the elements I've grown to love in sci-fi media: suspense, drama, action, comedic relief and violence (a whole gourd full 🎃). This book gives me the similar feelings that I had when watching the original Alien except it involves killer pumpkins instead of xenomorphs, which is a pretty cool concept. You have this crew of space Marines led by Dorothy A. Darling, and let me tell you, she's anything but darling. Every rose has it's thorn and she has plenty. She shoots first and asks questions later while maintaining the integrity of her team as a collective.

Overall, I love how much fun this book was from start to finish. The art is aesthetically pleasing and so are the colors involved. The violence is brutal in almost a Game of Thrones sort of way. Yeah, if you didn't get that reference, it means you can't have a favorite character because basically everyone dies. And I'm okay with that.

Rating: Full beard (10/10)
Publisher: #bananatailpress
Writer/Inker: @mckinks1
Penciller: @baroodyjason
Colorist: #katefinnegan
Letterer: #johnhunt

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